Miss Nepal

Kathmandu Jaycees, organized the first MISS NEPAL Beauty Pageant in 1994 on the special occasion of Kathmandu Jaycees’s Silver Jubilee. The hosting of the first ever pageant gave the organization much experience. Earlier, Nepal remained unrepresented in the international beauty pageants. Today our young Nepali ladies are getting enough opportunities and the experience to represent Nepal abroad.


Jaycees aim is to provide a fourm for individuals to discover their own hidden talents that come out with perseverance and varied trainings, which are meaningful and purposeful to be the leaders of the society. Miss Nepal’s objective rests on two pillars: personality and leadership development. The organizers are basically in search of a personality that combines beauty, brain, confidence and a positive mind and one who will be able to present Nepal as its worthy ambassador to the outside world. A strong Miss Nepal must also possess interests in social service and upliftment, especially relating to women’s issues. In 1998, to give the Miss Nepal pageant a more professional approach, senior members of Kathmandu Jaycees established The Hidden Treasure, which now annually organizes Miss Nepal Pageants.

Some of the revenue generated from Miss Nepal Pageants have been meaningfully used in the various community development projects of JCI Kathmandu-Nepal.