Members’ Goal

As a member you should have three goals:

  • To make yourself the best member of your chapter.
  • To make your chapter the best chapter in Jaycees International.
  • As a dedicated member, to help your chapter make your community the best local community in the world.

In achieving these goals, you do not have specific or constitutional duties as officers and Board members do, but you do have very real responsibilities. A few are listed below.

To Be Active
Many organizations exist for the “joiner,” the person who only wants to add another membership card to his/her collection. Jaycees membership is different; it offers so much to its members: skill training, personal development, community recognition, and the satisfaction of being deeply involved in programs of lasting benefit to others. However, these benefits are only available to the active member, the one who attends all meetings and who works hard on all assigned projects.

To Be Committed
There is no such person as a “good, half-hearted” Jaycees member. The JCI movement has a philosophy; it has goals and purposes; it has soul. It requires a commitment to its ideals from its members, it demands dedication to hard work, and it calls for a deep understanding of the problems of people. If you can make this commitment, you will be an invaluable member of your chapter.

To Be A Contributor
There are many member of Jaycees who are bursting with good ideas, who are sound thinkers and who could play a useful role in the decision-making process. However, they are often silent at meetings, perhaps because of shyness or maybe they are afraid their ideas will be ridiculed. Too often the really good ideas come out after the decision has been made. Your chapter needs your contribution. Acquire the skill of speaking in public, think out ideas thoroughly, and present a reasoned argument in support of your views.

Be prepared to listen to opposition and accept any good points that are made. Aim at being a member who is listened to and whose ideas are valued.

To Be Efficient
Efficiency is one of the keys to advancement. It is important that, whatever task you have, you understand what you have to do, you participate fully with others involved and you do your bit to the best of your ability. Do not be afraid to ask if you do not understand. Do not hesitate to seek help if you feel this is necessary. There is no position in the Jaycees movement that is more important than any other, and each member is one link in the human chain of achievement. The organization needs the floor member who does what he or she has to do conscientiously-it does not need those who shirk responsibility and cause failure.

To Be Dependable
The member who can be counted on at all times, the one on whom others can depend, is the member who will go right to the top. Many good projects fail because only one person let the team down. Most Jaycees activities require teamwork, and it is up to you to pull your weight and do what is expected of you. At the same time, do not become so enthusiastic that you undertake more than you have the time to do. Having too much to do is as bad as doing nothing at all. The result is the same.