Little Lady Nepal

JCI Kathmandu-Nepal has been organizing the Little Lady Talent Show since I988.The beautiful presentation of the girls between age of 9 to I I touches our heart and makes us believe that how talented our girls are. Webelieve that the girls of Nepal need to be given opportunities so that they are able to build up their confidences develop their future career. The main objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to girls of Nepal to participate in extra curricular activities, which really makes them know themselves and helps in their overall development.

JCIKathmandu-Nepal would like to thank all respected parents, principals andteacher’s of participating schools, who have shown a great interest and understand the value of this program for their children. JCI Kathmandu-Nepalwould also like to thank everyone who has made this program successful,the journalists and general public for all their support.  JCI Kathmandu-Nepal anticipates your continued support in the days to come.