Duties & Responsibilities of LOM Officers

Duties & Responsibilities of LOM Officers

The Chapter President:

Only once in a life time does an individual becomes a Chapter President.

Duties & Responsibilities are as follows:

  1.    President is a leader, public relations figure, and chief spokesman of the chapter.
  2.   Motivate the chapter Board of Directors and general membership to perform their duties and responsibilities.
  3.   Control and supervise the affairs of the chapter with established a good working atmosphere for chapter officers.
  4.   Appoint a Marketing and Public Relation Commission and make them be responsible for the chapters newsletter or magazines as well as maintaining good relations with the news media.
  5.   Prepare a forward plan for successors.
  6.   Make sure the chapter program stimulates a steady overall growth.
  7.   Be fully involved in the day-to-day affairs of the chapters.


The Chapter Immediate Past President

After a year of hard work an dedication to the chapter and Junior Chamber, a chapter president has accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and new skills.

Duties & Responsibilities areas follows:

  1.    Assists and supports the President
  2.   Arrange a special meeting of the old board and the new board. Discuss the transition of administration and be as helpful as possible.
  3.   Attend the meetings and offer his advices give useful suggestions and ideas with providing motivation.
  4. Handles special assignments
  5.   In many chapters the Immediate Past President is also the chapter’s General Legal Counsel and the parliamentarian at the meetings.


The Chapter Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President has to realize that his position offers unlimited opportunities for self-development and present the opportunity of assuming the highest position in the chapter – the Presidency.

Duties & Responsibilities are as follows:

  1.    Be prepared to deputize for the President at anytime.
  2.   Usually there are two Executive Vice Presidents — one internal, supervising the individual and Business Vice President, and one external, supervising the Community and International Vice President.
  3.   Supervise Vice Presidents plan their own programs
  4.   Accept full responsibilities for the successes and failures in you area of responsibilit
  5.   Learn how to conduct a successful meeting.
  6.   Report regularly to the President and progress being made in your assigned area of activity and discuss medias for problems.
  7.   Participate in the selection and training of the Commission Directors. Be involved in their briefings, supervision and follow-up.
  8.   Administer the chapter.


The Chapter Secretary

By this very responsibility and the potential for performance in the position, the member who becomes chapter secretary can consider it to be one of the most rewarding years he or she will have in Junior Chamber.

Duties & Responsibilities areas follows:

  1.    Understands the requirements of the chapter constitution.
  2.   Prepares agendas, minutes of chapter meetings reproduce them and send them to the members as soon after a meeting as possible.
  3.   Keeps a correspondence book maintains records of all internal and external correspondence promptly.
  4. Runs administration.


The Chapter Treasurer:

No finance program can be successful without the leadership of a competent chapter Treasurer.

Duties & Responsibilities areas follows:

  1.    Keep financial record
  2. Makes budget information readily available to the Board and members.
  3.   Collects dues.
  4.   Maintains strict control over the budget and cash flow.
  5.   Takes a very basic course in book keeping if you are not an accountant for balances the book
  6.   Establish chapter fiancé policies (e.g. administration costs to be covered by dues projects to be self supporting, etc.


The Chapter Vice President

As a vice president has worked hard in many other functions in the chapter, such as project chairman and commission director, and the experience acquired in those position will guide you to perform your new task as chapter vice president supervising the commission director assigned to your area of opportunity.

Duties & Responsibilities are as follows:

  1.    Hold a meeting with your Executive Vice President and go over the responsibilities, program, objectives, communication and reporting systems, and the timetable for the coming chapter year.
  2.   Supervise and co-ordinate work of commission chairman.
  3.   Prepare to run for Executive Vice President.
  4.   Accepts the full responsibility for the successes and failures in your area of responsibility.

Compiled by Jc. Rupak Manandhar (Vice President – 2006)